Body-storming is a part of set of toll which we use for our Design Thinking and Start-up module. Well you might have heard about Brainstorming on number of occasions but body-storming might be the thing which you haven’t heard of before.

Body-storming is a simple technique which is generally used by the designers and in order to develop a creative idea. It includes imagination of product if it would have existed, later to act like it exists in a place where it is designed to use.

It involves a cyclic process involving involves preliminary research, solution design, testing (more research), tweaking the design and then testing again until the design specifications are finalized.

The most important thing of this exercise is that it gives the opportunity to designers to see the problems or things from the user’s perspective which can ultimately help them in designing an efficient solution to the problem.

Apart from identifying  the views and perspective of the  user it also has contributes in various ways such as:

  • Builds Empathy

Physical experience and observation which is a part of this exercise helps in building an empathy towards the user or customer which can positively influence your solutions.

  • Reflection

The process gives the opportunity to reflect to the the main problem and can also help in designing efficient solutions.

  • Build Relationships

It also helps in connecting designers with users or customers which is must in any sort of business operation.

  • Physical experience.

Gives the designers an opportunity to  not only observe but experience the users’s challenges, behavior, trigger, resolutions etc.


Hence, as discussed above it is an interesting tool which can be used to understand the behavior and problems of the customers through physical experience and also contributes to various business activities.

Hope you enjoy it and see you soon!!!!!!!!!!


Lean Canvas model

What is a Lean Canvas model?? Have you heard of something like that?

This is the first question which I asked to my group mate Dishant when I heard about it for the first time in our Design Thinking for start-up lecture.

Before getting into the discussion regarding the lean canvas model I would like to ask you what is the difference between a business plan and a business model?

Well, business plan is the list of actions you need to do in order to make a business operation more efficient and successful. Whereas, business model is a blueprint of the source of your revenue. In short it describes the way through which the business can earn revenues and profits.

Coming back to Lean canvas model,  it was originally invented by Alexander Osterwalder in the year 2008. The lean canvas model is one- size -fit all model which covers 9 different categories which are necessary for all kind of businesses.

Blank(2013) states that lean canvas model is can change everything in the business and can help you to identify the factors which can make your business activities more efficient and fruitful.

Various categories of lean canvas business model are:

  • Customer segments

Identifying who is your actual customer. For whom you are developing a product or service. This is no doubt one of the most important category in the model and also in real life business operations.

  • Problems.

Identify the problem is the basic thing because it will help to understand your customer more efficiently and will help you in creating various business ideas.

  • Solution

It includes the way through which you are solving the problems you have identified.

  • Unique value proposition

It refers to the value the business is adding to the problem. It should justify that why the customer should use your product/service.

  • Channels

It refers to the channels through which you will see your product/service in the market.

  • Revenue Streams

It includes the sources of the revenue. How will the business generate money??

  • Cost Structure.

It refers to the cost which is necessary to maintain the success of the business.

  • Unfair advantage.

It refers to the unfair advantage which would rise due to your business activities or operations.

  • Key activities

It includes list of activities you need to do in order to make your business more successful.


How to use it?

Please refer to the link below which tells how to efficiently use the lean canvas model with suitable examples:


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Identifying the right customers!!!!

Customers are no doubt one of the top most priority of any business organisation irrespective of their size or region.

Mahatma Gandhi who is popularly known as Father of the Nation(India) stated that:

“A customer is the most important visitor in our work premises. He is not dependent on us but we are dependent on them”.

Ever since I was young around 10-12 years old and started visiting my father’s office, the word which I heard the most was “Customer”.  My father always told me that if customers satisfaction is your top priority then you succeed in any sort of business.

I am a business graduate and right now pursuing my masters in entrepreneurship. Ever since through my entire college journey I have always been taught about various things related to customers.

We often think that if our customers are happy with our product/service we are performing well in the business. I certainly agree that it is must of every business but I still believe that Identification of the right customer is more important when it comes to success of any organisation.

There are various valid reasons to support my argument when I say that Identification of customer is the most important thing in business. The most crucial things it contributes to the business is it not only tells you that who are your real customers but also helps you in understanding your customer needs and behavior. It gives you a clear picture of the things which interest the most to your customers and identifies the potential factors which can influence the buying behavior of your customers.

Various ways through which business can identify it’s customers are:

  1. Screening & Evaluation of the existing data.
  2. Mapping your customer process.
  3. Talk with your stakeholders.
  4. Be serious when it comes to feedback from customers.
  5. Analyzing cause and effect relationship.
  6. Think from customers perspective.
  7. Evaluate your rivals/competitors.


Hence, identification of customer is no doubt the most crucial factor contributing to the success of the organisation as it will eventually help you to understand your customer which will eventually lead to more customer satisfaction.


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