Future Starts here!!!!!!

Future starts here!!!!!! This was the first thing which I saw when I entered the gate of the Victoria and Albert Museum on 9th Oct, 2018. It is obvious that everyone is excited and curious when it comes to anything in relation to future . Well, I cannot assure it on behalf of everyone but I would definitely like to state that my excitement and curiosity jumped to next level as soon as i saw these words on the mirrors of the coffee shop just inside the museum.

It seems confusing to me as well when I write the above few lines. To clear the confusion I am taking about the my first visit to an exhibition named “Future Starts Here” at Victoria and Albert museum.


I am pretty much sure that this was first and one of my most memorable visit since I joined Kingston in Sep, 2018. There were other reasons as feel when I talk about my excitement regarding this trip. First and primary reason was the exhibition which was regarding the innovation of the future. Secondly, it mas my first visit which was part of my course and lastly i was very excited as our classmates who were certainly my new friends were going outside for the first time since we meet and had decide to explore central London post exhibition.

Certainly, after we all meet at the decided entry spot it was time to enter the exhibition and level of my excitement and curiosity was continuously increasing. I was totally in disguise as soon as I entered the hall of the exhibition. I would specifically describe my first felling which was an entry into a world which was new and unusual as well. It seemed that I was in the world of imaginations and dreams.

As soon as started seeing the various products/services displayed inside the museum the level of surprise also kept on increasing. For the first time in my life i was experiencing and seeing the things which I had not even imagined of using it in my dreams.

There were a lot of things which was interesting but I would specifically like to describe about one particular thing which I liked the most.

It was none other than an service which was named as:

  • Self organised emergency service


It is an exceptional service which can be operated through a mobile application and offers a help to people who are in emergency situation and want to contact their family, friends and relatives without involving the police. This service can be very useful in today’s world where anyone is often a victim of police brutality and racial discrimination.

Lastly, I would like to conclude by stating that it was a very good and fruitful learning experience and of course I had a great fun in and after the exhibition as i learned about various future trends and concepts and enjoyed with the friends later as well.







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