“Innovative business needs  innovative idea and for generation of innovative idea your need a highly creative brain which is generally god gifted.”

These are the lines which I used to hear when I talked about a career in innovation and Entrepreneurship to my friends and family.

I also personally felt that you need to be creative always and should think out of the box to develop a innovative idea before I started my Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship course at Kingston this September. But I am thankful enough to my Design Thinking for start-ups module where I learned that for a generation of an idea you don’t  have to think out of the box specifically, innovative business ideas can also be generated through Re-framing the problems.

Three months after I started learning the module which began in September, 2018 i certainly feel that for developing an innovative business you don’d need to identify the problem instead for creating an idea. And the process of Re-framing the problems which involves evaluation of the problems from different perspectives and understanding the actual cause of the problem eventually gives rise to an super innovative idea.

There are various ways through which one Re-frame the problems and generate a creative idea:

  • Depend on the words what and why always. Think what is the problem? What things are causing the problems etc. What are the ways through which you can solve the problem differently.
  • Think about all the positive and negative cause of your proposed solution.
  • Establish legitimacy.
  • Have open discussion. Invite outsiders for their valuable comments
  • Write down the feedback and views of the people.
  • Always think for the alternatives causes of the problem and develop your solutions accordingly.
  • Consider various categories of the problem such as attitude problem,physical problem, expectation problem etc.


Hence, it is necessary to Re-frame a problem because it not only helps in developing innovative ideas but also helps in identifying the actual problems of the people in day their day to day lives.


Useful links:

  2. frame-your-problem-for-a-successful-solution.

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