Educational trip to Berlin!!!!!!!

Recently we went to our educational trip which was sponsored by Kingston University(London) along with Berlin School of the Law and Economics(Berlin) in the month of Oct 2018.

The duration of the tour was 5 days which was a great learning experience for students like us who want to become entrepreneurs. The tour was designed in such a way that one can learn a lot about the things which are related to the journey of  various start-ups in different sectors.

The most important reason which made the tour more interesting was the actual visits of the start-ups. We were taken to the offices of various successful as well as developing startups in order to see and experience how does the start-ups operates. Another interesting part of this visit were the interview with the founders and managers of the start-ups which gave us the opportunity to ask questions regarding various things such as their challenges, operations, back story, how did they generate the ideas etc.

Start-ups which were included in the visit were:

  • Delivery Hero(Food delivery/takeaway service)
  • Siemens(Innovative Product and Instruments)
  • Saint Elmos (Innovative Marketing through 3-D technology)
  • Blacklane (Premium Taxi services).

Apart from learning it also gave us the opportunity to develop a friendly relation with the students of Berlin School of Economics and Law and expand your network accordingly.

Lastly, it was a very good learning experience overall and a fair opportunity to find the people with similar interest and spend time with them in order to understand them more efficiently.




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