“Be the First”.

As I write the first blog of my life I am very much confused in selecting the topic for my blog. I want to write something which is very special , appropriate and typically something which would describe me the “best”.

As soon as the word “best”came in my mind I suddenly remembered the lines of my idol the great “Jack Ma”. The lines were:

 “Don’t try to be best. Just be the First”. Be the first to change, first to take up the challenge, and the first one to overcome the challenges.”

These lines have always created a lot of  impact at various stages of my life and more importantly has also helped me this time by helping me in selecting a topic for my blog.

These lines are special for me because they have influenced me a lot and has helped me in choosing my career as well.

I come from a small town named Jamnagar which is located in Gujarat(India). The concept of Innovation and Entrepreneurship is not so famous over there or I must say at least not in my friends & family. None of my friends and family member have ever came to abroad for their studies.

To be honest, I was totally clueless when I shared my idea of pursuing my Master’s in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. None of my family and friends seemed to be convinced. They suggested me to do my Masters which was productive with respect to my existing business and could be helpful to me to expand my family business in long run. In short they wanted me to join a course in Marketing & Finance. They had various logic or reasons to support their argument and  the most obvious one was that why I was trying to something which I had never done before and why I was not doing a Marketing course despite of being very good at it.

After the discussion ended my I was kind of stuck and had no idea what to do. I was feeling very miserable and was thinking that perhaps my friends were right because I had not done any great sort of things which were innovative and creative. I knew no one who had done this type of course so I could at least talk to them about what the course actually feels like. I kept on thinking for the entire day and was not able to come up to a conclusion. Then, I decided to go to my best friend ever which is perhaps my dad who has always motivated me and supported me in everything irrespective of  any situations.

I discussed the topic briefly and also discussed the feedback which I got from my friends and other family members. After hearing me he soon realized that I was confused and just told me,”Don’t think of anything. Just follow your heart. I know you are capable enough of doing anything which you really want pursue and I am pretty much confident in you.  These lines from my best friend and one of my idol I must say boosted my level of confidence and I decided to step up and follow my dream of becoming an entrepreneur and create innovative things which could benefit my business and could solve the problems of the people as well.

After talking to my dad I was totally clear about my goals and career but had a lit bit of fear in my subconscious mind because I was choosing a career which was very risky and challenging. I again started thinking whether I was making a right choice or not and  luckily I got a video of my idol “Jack Ma” in one of my WattsApp group and as soon as I started seeing the video his famous lines again flashed in mind. I soon realized that this is not just a coincidence and perhaps this could be a wake up call for me to indicate that I was on a right track and should take up this challenge even if I had not done any innovative things in the past.

I was very firm and decided to take this as a challenge and the next thing I just did was the application of my Master’s in Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship at Kingston University.

So this was one of my short stories and I really hope that these lines from Jack Ma  could be a source of motivation for you guys as well.

See you soon and Wish me Luck!!!!!!!!!!



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